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10 Great Jobs for People With Special Needs

Individuals with special needs are a valuable addition to all workplaces. People with special needs have unique talents and abilities. Bridges' role is to connect our employees with special needs to businesses looking to fulfill job vacancies. It is important that employees of Bridges and businesses are compatible. Bridges seeks employment opportunities that will enable its employees to reach their full potential. Here are 10 great jobs for people with special needs:

Bridges Employees

1. Administrative Assistant

Employees find success in this role because it does not require much physical activity and allows common daily tasks of them to work independently. organizing and filing documents, scheduling meetings, answering phones, and more.

2. Animal Caretaker

Employees find comfort and joy in taking care of animals since it provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

3. Data Entry Clerk

This is a great job for employees of Bridges because it requires minimal physical activity and can be done at their own pace. Tasks include entering information into computers and working with spreadsheets.

4. Video Game Tester

A common passion many employees at Bridges have is a passion for video games! Video game testers help ensure that a game works properly and is free of technical glitches and errors. The job also allows for a lot of creativity as testers must find ways to challenge the game and make sure it is up to industry standards.

5. Retail Sales Associate

This job is a common position many employees of Bridges thrive in because it involves minimal physical labor and provides plenty of opportunities to interact with customers. They will be responsible for helping customers find what they need, stocking shelves, and providing general customer service.

6. Gardener

Employees who have an interest in the outdoors discover that gardening is an ideal job. Gardeners are responsible for managing outdoor spaces by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs, as well as trimming grass and maintaining hedges.

7. Food Service Worker

Working in the food industry can be an excellent job for employees of Bridges. They may be responsible for preparing food, operating cash registers and providing general customer service.

8. Library Assistant

This is a great job for employees who love organization and repetition. A library assistant will help patrons find books and other materials, check-in and out books, as well as keep the library neat and clean.

9. Artist

Another common position employees thrive in is being an Artist for Bridges. Artists of Bridges are creative and spend time painting, drawing, jewelry making and much more. Bridges use all art created by our artists to sell at Bridges Mercantile, a local boutique with the purpose of all proceeds benefiting the mission of Bridges. Bridges Mercantile is located in downtown Jenks, Oklahoma at 108 E. Main Street, Jenks, OK.

10. Baker/Cake Decorator

Employees love this job because it provides an outlet for creativity and independence. Most common tasks require baking and decorating cakes, pastries, or other baked goods.

These job ideas are just the start; there are countless opportunities available. By finding the right job, individuals with special needs can thrive in any workplace. With support, success can be achieved in many different career paths.

Bridges continues to strive for an inclusive work environment by providing proper training for its employees. It is our hope that employers will take the time to consider hiring individuals with special needs, as they can be exceptional assets for any company or organization!

If you would like more information on how to connect Bridges with your business, please contact Karie Jordan at

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